Dog wanted! (Hardcover) Englisch für Kinder ab 12 Jahre

Dog wanted! Four paws for Mia
Produktinformationen "Dog wanted! (Hardcover) Englisch für Kinder ab 12 Jahre"

Mia's dream of her dog

Mia has wanted a dog for a long time. But the choice has to be carefully considered, and that's not so easy for Mia and her parents. Should it be a puppy from a breeder, maybe a dog from an animal shelter, or rather directly from animal welfare? Together with her parents, Mia finds out about the different dog breeds, their origins, and their nature. Mia and her parents not only get to know many different dog breeds, they can also decide whether the dog is suitable for the family or not. The responsibility and the time required for a dog will become clear to them quickly. Will Mia and her parents still decide on a faithful four-legged friend, or will it just be a dream?


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